Early Closing Times

As well as closing at 5.30pm on Fridays and Saturdays The Mad House will also be closing at 5.30pm (unless otherwise indicated) on the following dates due to Laser or Exclusive Hire parties. The following dates are correct as of 8th March; please call for latest changes.


Fri 8th
Sat 9th
Sun 10th
Fri 15th
Sat 16th
Sun 17th
Fri 22nd
Sat 23rd
Sun 24th
Fri 29th
Sat 30th


Fri 5th (Closed between 12.30pm - 3pm for private party)
Fri 5th
Sat 6th
Sat 13th
Sun 14th
Sat 20th
Fri 26th
Sat 27th
Sun 28th


Sat 4th
Sat 25th


Further Months

Fri 28

Sat 6th

Sat 21st


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